World of Tanit Jeans

Tanit Jeans is a haute couture brand specializing in the authenticity of “denim” component.Its quality is attached to embroidery and lace representing iconic Island color and also exclusive details like Swarovski elements. The essence of Tanit Jeans is the woman. Each of our garments have a woman's name that has inspired and participated at some point in the Tanit Jeans project. No doubt a tributeto each of races and cultures and features of each one.

We select denim fabric of the highest quality and transform them into a new garment under the unique design of Tanit.This whole creation comes from Verena Buheler, a Swiss woman with an Ibiza soul that her philosophy is based on freedom and the essence of the woman. Therefore each garment has a woman’s name that was inspired by the career of her.

Her principles are governed in the own Adlib Fashion driven by the Yugoslavian Princess Smilja Mijailovitch, with its slogan “Dress as you like, but with style”. Well, we have the pleasure to appreciate the adlib collection more than ever with this combo blue denim, which would represent the Mediterranean Sea along with the white, color that represents the island.